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  1. A plastic injection molding process characterization using experimental design technique: A case study; Jurnal Teknologi 2004.
  2. Manufacturing audit to improve quality performance–a conceptual framework; World Engineering Congress 2007.
  3. Effectiveness of quality management system audit to improve quality performance–A conceptual framework; International Journal of Quality and Reliability 2008.
  4. Sustaining and spreading the gains in lean Hospitals: Role of Leadership, 2011.
  5.  Lean Supply Chain contribution toward Lean Health Care, 2011.
  6. Enabler for integrated operations diagnosis and improvement; ARPN Journal 2015.
  7. Empirical Research Methodology on Operation Diagnosis to Identify Operation Improvement Opportunities; IEOM Conference Detroit 2016.
  8. A review of operational risk management decision support tool; Proceeding of IEOM International Conference Morocco 2017.
  9. A Review on Operations Diagnosis to identify Operational Improvement Opportunities; Proceeding of IEOM International Conference Kuala Lumpur 2016.
  10. A review on the selection of lean production tools and techniques; ARPN Journal 2016.
  11. Operation Diagnosis and Improvement Approaches—Common Practice, Prowess, Limitations and Future Focus; Journal of Advance Science Letter, 2017.
  12. Case Study on Development of Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA)–Issues and Recommendation; Proceeding of IEOM International Conference Bandung 2018.
  13. Issues and Improvement Opportunities in Management System Internal Audit–A Survey; Proceeding of IEOM International Conference Bandung 2018.
  14. Development of Risk Management Framework – Case Studies; IEOM Conference Paris 2018.
  15. FMEA AIAG-VDA – Commentary and Case Study; Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Dubai, March 6-8, 2020


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