Appeal process

An applicant, a certified company or any interested party may appeal against a decision of EFRCert. Such as:

  1. Nonconformity raised
  2. Decision of suspension and withdrawal of certificate
  3. Any other decision from auditor and certification manager

The matter is referred to the Appeals Panel (Which is constituted from any two member of the Impartial Committee) whose decision is final as per accreditation from ASCB, UK provide VETO decision to appeal panels. This Procedure is also publicly available on EFRCert website.

EFRCERT is responsible for gathering and verifying all necessary information to validate the appeal. EFRCERT also ensure that submission, Investigation and decision on appeal shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.

Appeal Process to receive , evaluate and make decision on appeal

  1. Any aggrieved party can file the appeal with in 30 days against the decision of EFRCert by giving a notice or by mail to EFRCert or used the form below.
  2. EFRCert admin will acknowledge the receipt of the appeal via email and gather and verify all necessary information to validate appeal.
  3. The appeal shall be forwarded to the appeal panel for investigation. Appeal Panel also consider that what decision has been taken already in the similar previous appeals.
  4. The appeal panel can ask the information from the aggrieved party and from EFRCert and both of the parties are bound to furnish the information within time limit as provided by the Appeal panel.
  5. EFRCert will provide the information to the appellant about the progress, Action undertaken to resolve appeal, ensurity of appropriate correction and coreective action has taken and same to be entered in the appeal register.
  6. EFRCert also provide the formal notice to the appellant that appeal panel decision and appeal handling process is completed.
  7. The whole process of appeal shall be finished with 60 days of the filing the appeal. In case delay then EFRCert shall justify the delay.

Appeal form

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